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The sad sorrow of this EP track will have all 5 of my dedicated songs, that will have a feeling and taste of asian ballad heart broken love to it. You will find each songs have a very high end broken love twist of pain where being in love that we all love to come thru a rough time from any form of breakup, or ending a bad lover from that dream. The EP album “It Hurts Me” will give you a taste of sweet dark love that never ends in tears and resentment.


This song has a lot of intensive emotions, based on a true-life story of love, and pain. From one of my favorite artists, from Melbourne, in Australian, Keenan Te. Who happened to be My biggest Crush Lover of ALL TIMES! 😍 And I admired him for his Emotive Sweet Voice. And his Melancholy Style of genre that he puts into his songs, just like how me as an emotive artist, who loves the sad, painful, and heartbreaking pain inside music. 😢 So, I had this song featured, with my true-life based experience, on my previous last Boyfriend Adam. Where the Relationship experience, we had, all the sudden, turned into sour, and painful rough, fights, throughout the breakup. 😢 And I wanted to add my own feelings, from my heartbreaking pain, into this song. That I wanted this song, to feel related to what Keenan Te has been going through, from how he was feeling about his past lover Girlfriend, in the past. And that, she didn’t love him, but left marks on him, inside this song. As that Girl! 😞 And I wanted to be, that special girl, that came down from the sky heavens, and that was, always there, for him. And that would’ve loved him, throughout every night, and day. So, I did put all of my feelings, for Keenan too. And inside this song, with all, my Love, for him. 🥺 And that is, coming from my heart, for him. And this song, it is called “Scars” by him. 💔


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