Australian pop singer known by her stage name Xena East. She gained recognition with the release of her 2020 debut album, Stay Beautiful Queens. Her debut EP was titled Feelings Never Change. Her popular songs include "First Love," "Lonely," "For Us," "Because Of You," "Flash Light," and "Can't You See." In 2022, she released two albums called Never Let Me Go and My Endless Love. In 2023, she released her featured debut Single album called Scars with popular Australian artist Keenan Te, followed by her next release debut album called Only Hope with 28 of her popular songs.

Before Fame

She had a troubled childhood and was often bullied at school. She was abused at home. After seeking counseling from her therapist, she decided to transition to female. She earned a bachelor's degree in human psychology and astrology.  


She was a sex worker. She worked as a dog psychologist. She is the founder of Alpha Female K9 Academy, known for dealing with aggressive dogs. In 2022, she was banned from owning animals for a period of 20 years due to repeat charges of animal cruelty owing to the use of illegal pronged collars.

Family Life

As a child, she had a close relationship with her aunt Kayla Nhieu. Her real name is Stephanie Laurens.  

Associated With

She began her music career singing covers of songs by popular artists such as Billie EilishJustin Bieber and Selena Gomez.